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Fred Choi

Graduate Student Researcher @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I am a graduate student and social computing researcher at UIUC studying for my PhD in computer science. In my research, I am studying how the design of interfaces impact user behavior online, and redesigning social media interfaces for moderators and end-users. Drawing on techniques from visualization, user-interface design, and social computing, I am developing tools that integrate modern techniques in machine learning and NLP to augment the workflow of human moderators. I am exploring positive reinforcement techniques for shaping and driving user behavior. And I am reimagining the experience for end-users to better align with the diversity of user needs. Ultimately, my goal is to advance our understanding of how the design of social media platforms affect us so that we can design better interfaces moving into the future of the online world.

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Last updated 5/30/2024
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